Meet 1025Connect at Metro Connect in Miami ...
1025Connect at Metro Connect in Miami
Meet 1025Connect
at Metro Connect
January 29-31, 2018  | Miami, Florida

1025Connect is Long Island’s premier network-neutral Carrier Hotel located at 1025 Old Country Road in Westbury, New York. This location is renowned for access between subsea systems and terrestrial network connectivity and now internet peering and cloud connectivity. Highlights include:

  • Direct Access to Diverse Submarine Cable Systems
  • Physical Route Protection in the North Atlantic Ocean
  • Latency Manipulation
  • Manhattan Bypass Fiber Routes
  • Arbitrage Wholesale Transport Pricing
  • Direct Access to DE-CIX NY/NJ Distributed Mesh Peering Network
  • Direct Access to CloudLX from Epsilon
  • $0 MRC Cross Connect Fees
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1025 Old Country Rd   |  Westbury, NY 11590
CONNECT@1025CONNECT.COM   |   1.516.512.6363