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Building a Brand on Purpose:
Standing Out in the Sea of Sameness

January 10, 2017
Webinar Time: 12:30 PM ET

Join us for an interactive webinar about how standing out can improve your bottom line!

It’s easy to say your product or service is different, but what really makes you stand out? Join JP Laqueur, Principal at Brand Foundations, and Ilissa Miller, CEO of iMiller Public Relations, to learn the finer points of branding and marketing in the telecommunications and technology sectors to make your business stand out.

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You’ll Learn:
  • How you can stand out, be authentically different and capture mindshare in a commodity space
  • Special challenges for the telecom and technology industry sectors
  • Why “Different” has ceased to have meaning
  • The difference between marketing and branding and why you need both
  • How companies have successfully implemented these strategies
  • "Five Strategies" for building a better brand
  • What impact can a brand have on the bottom line