Dear [firstname,fallback=customer],

I hope this e-mail finds you well. I know I had recently asked you for a favour, however, I would be grateful if you could lend a hand once again. I have been circulating 3 short surveys and would greatly appreciate if you took a few moments to participate in the one that you find best suits your position. These surveys will asses your perspective and view on the Irish digital asset hosting ecosystem.

Your opinion is extremely valuable to me. So, to show my appreciation for your time and input, upon taking the survey one or three there is an option for you to be entered for a chance to win a free iPad or Google Chromecast.

1. US general market focused (What's the U.S. view of Ireland for hosting?)

2. Ireland based hosting / co location / HII Sponsors (Looking at sectors, what is currently being hosted?)

3. TechPro Survey on hosting digital assets in association with Host in Ireland (Are you hosting here? Why or why not?)

Thank you for your time. I promise to be quiet for a while!

Garry Connolly