Dublin, Ireland

October 2015

"Success Through Collaboration"

Welcome to the October issue of Ireland’s Hosting Bulletin.
Join us next month at the Royal Dublin Society for an exciting event "From Finance to Pharma, Why Companies Big & Small Host in Ireland." The event will feature a keynote by Helen Dixon, Ireland’s Data Center Protection Commissioner, as well as presentations, panel discussions, and case studies from leading international thought leaders on global hosting.
Date/Time: November 10 from 9:30am - 12:30pm
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This month, we would like to welcome James Maher, Sales Manager, Tate, Inc. to the Executive Committee. Mr. Maher is responsible for Tate’s data center activity across Europe. As a seasoned data center professional, he brings a wealth of industry knowledge to the Committee. We are pleased to have him join the committee in providing strategic guidance to improve Ireland’s position as a superior digital assets hosting location.

Upcoming Events

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What's New?

ViatelThe Viatel Next Level Event is hitting the road... next stop Cork City! This event will focus on IT leadership with some fascinating speakers lined up for the morning. Location – Hayfield Manor on Tuesday 20th Oct – Registration from 07.00. Speakers Included – Dan Kiely (Founder & CEO Voxpro), Seán Gallagher-Entrepreneur (Entrepreneur), Marc O'Regan (CTO EMC) & Colm Piercy (CEO Viatel). Book Early as tickets are limited. To register, click here.
Helen Dixon5 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW FROM THE DATA PROTECTION COMMISSIONER’S ANNUAL REPORT This article examines five headline issues addressed in Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner, Helen Dixon's annual report from 2014. Be sure to catch her keynote speech at the RDS on November 10.
Host-in-Ireland_DCIinvitation_TELECITY_10.21_06TELECITYGROUP IRELAND OPENS DUB4 DATA CENTRE 2,500 sq m facility boasts sophisticated power and cooling, connectivity and security
IRELAND STILL RANKED FIRST FOR ATTRACTING HIGH-VALUE FDI New study places Ireland in first place for fourth year in a row Ireland continues to lead the world in attracting high-value foreign direct investment (FDI) projects
Host-in-Ireland_DCIinvitation_TELECITY_10.21_10 Host-in-Ireland_DCIinvitation_TELECITY_10.21_13INTERXION CASE STUDY: WORKING TOGETHER WITH INEX Host in Ireland partners Interxion and INEX work together.
HOSTING IN IRELAND: WHAT APPLE, GOOGLE, & FACEBOOK KNOW THAT YOU DON'T Ireland is increasingly viewed by businesses as a global data centre hub. A recent TelecityGroup Ireland surveyed Senior IT decision-makers supports the claim, that one in five Irish-based companies has spent over €500,000 on data hosting in the past year.
2011_CBRE_Logo_Green-1024x254CBRE IRELAND RELEASES BI-MONTHLY REPORT Considerable activity in the data centre sector of the market during the summer with Facebook having been granted planning permission for a data centre on the M3 motorway at Clonee, County Meath and Google announcing plans to develop a second data centre alongside their existing facility at Profile Park off the M7 motorway.


Maurice Mortell- headshot An interview with Maurice Mortell, Executive Committee member for Host in Ireland and the Vice President Developing Markets for TelecityGroup & Country Manager for Ireland. Click here to read the interview in its entirety.
Q: What’s your role in the Irish hosting landscape? Maurice Mortell: We provide secure operational environments for organisations’ IT & telecoms equipment. TelecityGroup is the most highly connected data centre provider in Ireland – so as such our data centres are network hubs, or enabling environments, of the digital economy.   Really our role is to provide the optimum environment for 24/7 availability for mission-critical IT infrastructure
Q: What is the value of Host in Ireland for TelecityGroup? MM: It brings great value. It is fantastic to have an industry group for all providers to collaborate. It sends a strong message to overseas companies that we share information and knowledge for a collective benefit here in Ireland. The industry needs to promote itself. It’s not just about new business, Host in Ireland also lobbies on behalf of the industry, which works well for us. It’s also an evolving process with hopefully even better developments to come.
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