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November 2015

"Success Through Collaboration"

Welcome to the November issue of Ireland’s Hosting Bulletin.
Join us next week at the Royal Dublin Society for an exciting event "From Finance to Pharma, Why Companies Big & Small Host in Ireland." The event will feature Data Center Protection Commissioner, Helen Dixon, as well as presentations, panel discussions, and case studies from leading international thought leaders on global hosting.
Date/Time: November 10 from 9:30am - 12:30pm
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What's New?

Host-in-Ireland_DCIinvitation__Sponsorsv2_10.21_05 A Thriving Digital Economy Can Respect Individuals’ Privacy While Ensuring the Global Community’s Safety and Protection -   The issues dealt with in the decision by the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) to invalidate the “Safe Harbour” system, under which companies transfer customer data from Europe to the United States, are “complex.” 
Host-in-Ireland_DCIinvitation_TELECITY_10.21_06 TAKE A TOUR OF DUB4 -An outstanding new data centre in Dublin
Host in Ireland Announces Co-Located Event at DataCentres Ireland 2015 Exhibition and Conference - “From Finance to Pharma" will feature a keynote by Helen Dixon, Ireland’s Data Center Protection Commissioner, as well as presentations and panel discussions targeted at the country managers, senior executives and advisors in the 1300 Foreign Direct Investment companies in Ireland, including financial services, medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector firms
Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 5.47.52 PMPowering the Data Centre into the Future - See pages 36-37 to read Founder, Garry Connolly's, article featured in the Sunday Business Post.
Host-in-Ireland_DCIinvitation_TELECITY_10.21_06Better connectivity means a better future – it really is that simple - One good idea blue-sky thinking from business leaders and innovators. Always think global, says Maurice Mortell.
digital realty newsletter logoDigital Realty Completes the Acquisition of Telx -  Digital Realty Trust, Inc., a leading global provider of data centre solutions, recently announced that it has completed the acquisition of Telx, a premier provider of data centre colocation, interconnection and cloud enablement solutions.


team_gary_keogh An interview with Gary Keogh, Executive Committee member for Host in Ireland and the Sales Director, Digital Realty, Blanchardstown. Click here to read the interview in its entirety.
Q: Why is Ireland a good place for hosting? Gary Keogh: It is important to look at why Apple did not opt to host in European mainland cities, and chose Denmark and Ireland instead. Ireland has a host of strong factors in its favour, including its clustered development. As the Internet of Things develops and there is good access to the cloud cluster, this will enable Ireland to be even more successful in attracting more global companies. Digital Realty Profile Park has been a great success, with a €½ million saving in air conditioning and cooling costs per data hall per annum. The indirect air cooling innovation has been extremely successful, enabling a supply temperature of 24 degrees Celsius rather than 22 to the data halls. An upside is that there is no humming of fans, which means it is a quiet and comfortable workspace.

Q: Why are you a member of Host In Ireland? GK: Host In Ireland is a powerful initiative and membership conveys credibility. That said, Host In Ireland could be bigger. We need to elevate our profile to the same level as the hyperscale data centres, like Microsoft and Apple. We are collectively equal in size by power compared to these players, 140 MW each. We are part of Host in Ireland so that we amplify the fact that Ireland for hosting is not just for the hyperscale size companies.
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