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December 2015

"Success Through Collaboration"

Welcome to the December issue of Ireland’s Hosting Bulletin.

If you missed our Dublin conference, "From Finance to Pharma, Why Companies Big & Small Host in Ireland," last month, read about it in this article “Ireland Pitches for Hosting,” by DatacenterDynamics’ Global Editor Peter Judge.

In the wake of the conference’s success, Host in Ireland is pleased to announce another exclusive event scheduled in the Data Center Valley of Northern Virginia, U.S., on 7 April 2016. Helen Dixon, Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner will once again provide the keynote.

In addition, 2016 Partnership is now available! If you are interested in getting involved, please email marketing@hostinireland.com for details.
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On November 25, Host in Ireland proudly joined CESIT (France), DDA (the Netherlands), techUK, and the eco Association (Germany) in an inaugural workshop to explore current and future threats and opportunities in the European data center environment. The group of associations will continue to collaborate and discuss industry issues to raise the profile of the data center industry, share knowlegde, and keep an open line of communication across borders.
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What's New?

Zayo to Acquire Viatel

Acquisition to cement Zayo as a leading Pan-European infrastructure provider.
Host-in-Ireland_DCIinvitation_TELECITY_10.21_06Why Ireland? We ask Adroll…

AdRoll is a Silicon Valley start-up with technology that has gone down a storm in the fast-changing world of online advertising. Such was its success that it began to look for a base outside of North America to expand its operations.

interxion Interxion in €170M Expansion in Four European Data Center Market

European data center services giant Interxion announced plans to expand capacity in four key markets, expecting to invest about €170 million total. 

digital realty newsletter logo Digital Realty to invest €150m in expansion of Dublin data centre 

The global provider of data centre and colocation solutions expands its Tier III certified facility by adding approximately 10,000 sq. ft.to its Profile Park data centre.
Hibernia LogoQ&A: Bjarni Thorvardarson, CEO, Hibernia Networks

Capacity catches up with Host in Ireland partner, Hibernia Networks’ CEO Bjarni Thorvardarson, to find out about its progress and how it plans to meet growing customer demand in the market.
Host In Ireland Ireland Pitches for Hosting

Tax, privacy and fiber could give the Emerald Isle an edge in the competition for data center business.


barry-rhodes-photo We spoke with Barry Rhodes, one of the founding fathers of the Irish Internet scene and Executive Committee member for Host in Ireland to get a better overview of the landscape. Click here to read the interview in its entirety.

Q: Why is Ireland a good place for hosting?

Host-in-Ireland_DCIinvitation__INEX_10.21_10Barry Rhodes: Ireland has considerable advantages in this respect. We have many great researchers at a variety of world-class Irish colleges who carry out really innovative work with exciting, commercial potential (e.g. data analytics, spatial search, nanotechnology, sensor technology). Ireland is also a leader in renewable energy opportunities with wind, wave, and solar. Green Power is a good story, we are at 20% renewable energy now and the 40% target by 2020 looks achievable. Our price is still above some other European countries but the capital costs are reducing quickly and our stability of supply is excellent.

The amazing success of Coder Dojo, BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition, and The Web Summit have all helped to inspire and encourage a creative and capable generation of young people to drive continuous innovations and business developments. Five years of hosting Web Summit in Dublin has helped provide an awareness of Ireland, as being a strong knowledge-based environment for doing business. For example in 2015 there were 42,000 attendees from 134 countries interacting with 2,100 startups from almost as many countries.

Dropbox is a prime example of an organisation that is bringing their digital assets to Ireland. They seem to like what Ireland is doing in relation to data protection and have moved their non-US customer data to Ireland. We are unusual in that we have both an Irish Data Commissioner, and a Minister for Data Protection. This means for companies like Dropbox, once it knows that it is compliant here, then it is compliant for other Europe Union countries as well. With all 10 of the top 10 ‘Born on the Internet’ companies located in Ireland, it is important that there is a direct line to the Data Commissioner and her growing staff numbers to ensure that all legislation is complied with I understand that this office willingly engages with companies with minimal bureaucracy.

It is my belief that Irish ‘neutrality’, in a commercial sense, has also been important for attracting business. With a population of less than five million, we are too small for the larger European countries to worry about, initially at least. A factor of our success in attracting clusters of multinational organisations to locate here is that no country has had a bias against dealing with Irish based organisations, in fact, they like doing business with us.
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