Global Expansion Accelerating into 2018

A major focus in 2017 was on partnerships with our largest customers to identify, select and expand our presence in locations that could support their growth across Europe. This process resulted in the creation of the Edge Data Center (EDC) campus. We rapidly expanded both our Dublin and Amsterdam presence, offering expanded space in additional buildings to accommodate their ever-expanding demand from customers. The EDC campuses in these two countries enable advanced connectivity services across Europe.

Our Amsterdam EDC campus is one of the largest in Europe and is now the largest site in the Netherlands. In addition, despite power shortages in Ireland we successfully delivered 18MWs in Dublin using a combination of utility grid power and a gas generation substation on site. The combined sites are now capable of delivering more than 100MWs with 60% of that already utilized.

We are now actively working with our customers to determine which markets are most needed next. Our coordinated approach has led us to regions such as Munch, Helsinki, Sofia, and Madrid to name a few. As always, our focus in these regions will be to provide our customers with state-of-the-art, customized EDC solutions. This includes dense fiber and low-latency connectivity to enterprise and consumer customers that need improved performance and higher quality online experiences at the edge.

The number of IoT devices online in Western Europe is expected to grow by 400 percent over the next three years, creating an EU IoT market worth one trillion euros by 2020, according to a European Commission study. At the same time, expanded adoption of cloud services in Europe is driving demand for bandwidth with low latency. By continuing to expand the EdgeConneX footprint in Europe, we are helping companies meet the need to localize content, cloud and IoT applications for improved performance and lower cost.

We have achieved this successful expansion by listening to our customers. In collaboration with them, we have realized the need for Edge services that will bring applications and content closer to end users around the world. EdgeConneX closed 2017 with the recently announced opening of our Toronto EDC. This marks the 31st facility in the EdgeConneX global Edge Data Center portfolio. Gaining market entry via Toronto shows our commitment to developing other large campus builds that scale to as many as 100MWs. This can also be seen with our efforts in markets such as Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Miami, Phoenix and Portland. Our vast progress in such a short amount of time reflects the commitment of our team to both designing and building our EDCs at the highest quality.

Europe still relies on dated topology designs meant to serve a different use-case dating as far back as 1997. The constant strain from rapid growth of internet traffic is begging for a new approach and we look forward to help solving this issue. The Cisco Global Cloud Index predicts traffic will reach 15.3 zettabytes per year by 2020. By establishing Edge locations in new markets, EdgeConneX is unlocking their digital potential for adoption of new technology by enterprise and consumer users.

We invite you to meet with us at our key industry events throughout 2018, and hope that you will watch the EdgeConneX story unfold in Europe, just as it has in North America.