Gartner Analyst Highlights EdgeConneX®’s Vision for Automating the Management of Billions of Devices on the Network

LAS VEGAS – At the annual Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations Management and Data Center Conference held in Las Vegas in December, more than 3000 people from across the industry gathered to look at the technology, culture and leadership required to allow enterprises to make better decisions, prioritize initiatives and link I&O strategies to the goals of their businesses.

The three-day event offered attendees a full agenda of keynotes, panels, case studies and networking opportunities related to the broader data center and IT industry. In one session, “Re-Imagining Data Centers on the Edge,” Bob Gill, Gartner’s Vice President and Agenda Manager from the Infrastructure Strategies group, talked about the growing importance of the Edge and its continuing evolution in a connected world.

According to Gill, the management of billions of devices and gateways will present a level of complexity that we have not seen or addressed previously, which will become of life and death importance as applications such as autonomous vehicles become more broadly deployed. During his session, Gill challenged the industry to come together around this important issue.

To illustrate a vision for the critical role the Edge, Gill shared a slide from EdgeConneX® that offered a framework for the management of devices and applications at the infrastructure and operations layer across an increasingly connected and distributed world.


>Bob Gill Presenting the Opening Slide

Bob Gill Presenting the EdgeConneX Slide

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