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Introducing the Digital Twin:

Design with the Future in Mind

Every organization has a unique set of problems, priorities, and workflow. IT requirements are constantly changing, temperatures linked to climate change are ever-increasing, and future efforts must be able to produce carbon-neutral results. Data center design is thus tasked to create innovative solutions that can overcome these obstacles.

Our Digital Twin software suite, 6SigmaDCX, creates a virtual copy of the data center that accurately simulates its physical operations. This unique simulation functionality enables the Digital Twin to predict what will happen next in the data center, so you can stay proactive during turbulent times.

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New Opportunities

Engineering Service

Foster relationships with customers by designing and upkeeping their data center's Digital Twin.


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Holistic Modeling

Powerful CFD Simulation

Use powerful physics-based simulation to analyze data center performance at any stage of design. 



Do more for your data center with the Digital Twin!