As part of our Global Fabric series, Epsilon will be hosting our Montreal workshop with networking drinks this coming October, and we would like to extend the invitation to you.

Details of the workshop can be found below: 

16th October 2018 | 4pm - 8pm

Hôtel Le Crystal, 1100 Mountain Street Montreal, QC H3G 0A1, Canada
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Businesses today need networking that can connect them anywhere, anytime and on-demand. They need more flexibility, scalability and speed than what legacy models can offer. At our partner workshop, we will be discussing how on-demand connectivity is accelerating how some of the most demanding industries operate. Together with our partner Metro Optic, we will be talking about how we're delivering networking solutions that meet the needs of industries like film, television and digital and interactive media like gaming, animation and social networking.

The workshop will delve into the following topics:

  • Serving Digital Hubs with On-demand Connectivity
  • Delivering Elastic, Fluid, and Intelligent Connectivity

Join us in the city that never sleeps, and learn how our partner ecosystem can unlock new potential in your business and create new growth opportunities. Going global has never been easier. 

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