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The Internet of Things as well as the evolution and continued utilization of cloud technologies are dependent upon the underlying infrastructure of the modern all IP-based Internet over which these services and data are delivered. Real-time communications and streaming data as well as a host of next-generation, cloud-based applications must all be provisioned with the lowest latency possible. Today’s bandwidth-intensive and latency-sensitive cloud content requires a new infrastructure – The EdgeConneX Internet of Everywhere®. The Internet’s design will completely change over the next five years to address the new needs of content and the demands of users.
Date: Wednesday, July 27, 2016
Location: Room 206
Time: 11:30 AM - 11:50 AM
Data at the Edge: Evolving Your Network Infrastructure to Support the Growth of IoT & Cloud

This presentation will reveal to attendees how that’s going to happen and why they need to adapt their thinking or prepare to have their business models disrupted.
About EdgeConneX®:
EdgeConneX® is the only global Edge Data Center® provider. Creating purpose-built, edge-of-network infrastructure solutions that extend the Internet’s reach, EdgeConneX enables the fastest and most secure delivery of content, cloud services and applications. Edge Data Centers host bandwidth intensive and latency sensitive data closer to end-users, establishing a more secure, reliable and cost effective distribution model for the Internet. For more information, please visit the EdgeConneX Internet of Everywhere® at