Deploying at the Edge to Serve Secondary Metro Areas

Data centers are being built all over the world, however, according to Synergy Research Group, 59% of global revenues from wholesale and retail colocation come from just 20 metro areas in North America, Europe and APAC. Of those 59%, 26% come from the world’s top five metro areas alone, including Washington, D.C., New York, Tokyo, London, and Shanghai.

Moving beyond the top 10 North American metros, there are many secondary metros across the continent that rank highly in terms of GDP and number of households. Those two metrics are valuable barometers in determining rankings for markets with number of businesses and numbers of households. For service providers looking to delivery content, applications or compute closer to end users to ensure the performance and security of their content and data, deploying at the Edge, closer to those end users, becomes more and more critical. The chart below visualizes these top markets and when you overlay the top 10 North America markets on the graphic, you can see that the remaining metros cannot be well-served from only those 10 core data center market hubs.