Datacenter People Newsletter: July Edition

Dear Clients and Industry Colleagues:

Datacenter People has been placing IT and datacenter professionals in positions permanent and interim for 40 years. Through the years, the industry has changed and evolved into a landscape that encompasses IT in the broadest sense moving away from a power and cooling field migrating into placing in senior positions in Engineering, Design and Build. Today, the industry is moving rapidly into Cloud Computing, Software Defined Networking and the virtualization of the datacenter. Together forward, Datacenter People is aligned with the growth and future of the industry. Datacenter People recruits at all levels worldwide with Portman Partners focusing on C-level and leadership positions.

 The Brexit Effect: Navigating the Hiring Process in a Period of Widespread Uncertainty 
Brexit has been an unwavering focus of conversation since its controversial vote in the June 2016 referendum. From economic forecasts to social implications, Brexit has the potential to affect many facets of day-to-day life and business operations. Although there’s no shortage of conjectures about what may happen spread across the internet, the news and beyond, the truth of the matter is that no one knows exactly how the impending post-Brexit world will look. However, no matter what shape it ultimately takes, the EU egress will likely complicate businesses proceedings across Europe, particularly in hiring and employee retention. In the face of potentially dramatic limits on talent sourcing in the region, companies are anticipating an increase in the existing talent gap that has been plaguing the market for some time. As the business world awaits a more concrete decision on the new deadline of October 31 with bated breath, there are a few considerations that can bolster success in this time of uncertainty. Click here to read in full.
 Around The World and Back  
The Datacenter People team attends and frequently presents and moderates industry panels at cloud and data center events throughout the United States, Asia Pacific and Europe. Below are highlights from the past few months.

Cloud Expo Asia - Singapore - May 22: Peter Hannaford, Founder and CEO of Datacenter People, led a group of industry executives in discussing the key changes in workforce training, recruitment and development to meet future network requirements in a panel titled, “A Changing Workforce for Changing Infrastructure Landscape

Datacloud Global Congress - Monaco - June 5: Peter led a panel discussing how emerging technologies, such as the edge, affect the future of datacentre recruiting in a panel titled, “The Future Workforce for the Data Center Today and Tomorrow.”.

ITW - Atlanta, GA - June 23 - 26: Peter and Steve Brown, Managing Director of Datacenter People, attended International Telecoms Week to connect with other industry professionals and discuss effective datacenter recruitment.
 Star Searches: Datacenter People  
Each month we would like to highlight our star searches.
Please see the following representative for the US, APAC and EMEA.

 Dr. Michael Rudgyard Joins Portman Partners 
Michael is an entrepreneur and ex-academic with extensive experience of High-Performance Computing (HPC) within research, industrial and start-up environments. He has acquired a broad set of skills during a 30-year career, including the deployment and operation of large-scale HPC systems and best practices for monitoring data centres with regard to environmental, computational and application-level efficiency. To learn more about Michael and his thoughts on digital disruption click here.
 Portman Partners Offers Advisory Services  

Portman Partners, part of the Datacenter People group, announced a service geared to help investors build successful and stable long-term investment strategies in the datacenter and communications infrastructure sphere. In 2019, traditional infrastructure investors, as well as equity firms, venture capitalists and commercial real estate investors, are looking to diversify their portfolios and acquire long-term assets that are not aligned with economic downturns. As digital transformation becomes a driver across numerous sectors, investors are beginning to recognize the value and stability of datacenter assets and are actively pursuing investment in the communications infrastructure and datacenter industry. However, without proper support and expertise, navigating the investment process within this field can be difficult. Click here to read the full press release.