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Datacenter People has been placing IT and data center professionals in permanent and interim positions since formation in 2010. Through the years, the industry has changed and evolved into a landscape that encompasses IT in the broadest sense, moving away from placing people in power and cooling positions and migrating into recruiting senior positions in engineering, design and build. Today, the industry is moving rapidly into cloud computing, software defined networking and the virtualization of the data center. Moving forward, Datacenter People is aligned with the growth and future of the IT industry. Datacenter People recruits managers, senior managers and director levels along with its newly appointed executive search division, Portman Partners serving C-level individuals; both firms provide professional recruiting services. Our offices are located in London, Dublin, Singapore, and Tampa. Read our latest press release about our expansion into cloud services here.

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 Around the World and Back 

Founder and Chairman Peter Hannaford frequently presents and moderates at industry panels at cloud and data center events throughout United States, Asia Pacific and Europe. Most recently, Peter and partner, Steve Brown attended Edge Congress in Austin, Texas to focus on the evolution of edge computing and how it is affecting the data center industry.

 Upcoming Data Center Events  
Frankfurt Connect
November 27
Frankfurt, Germany

DC Forum Stockholm
November 28
Stockholm, Sweden

December 4
Istanbul, Turkey
DCW Paris
November 27 & 28
Paris, France

Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference 2018
December 3
Las, Vegas


December 6
Beijing, China
 Edge Congress: Peter Hannaford, Moderates the Human Factor in Edge Infrastructure 
Panel Discussion: The Human Factor in Edge Infrastructure

The panel addressed two major questions: With a greater emphasis on highly dispersed network of micro data center towers, down to individual racks, servers, sensors and devices, how will this impact the skill requirements to maintain quality of service? Is there an adequate pipeline of skilled personnel in place to meet the challenges of an evolving and expanding infrastructure landscape?

 Portman Partners Moves to Devonshire Square 
Datacenter People announced the formation of Executive Search subsidiary, Portman Partners in May 2018 to focus on “C-level”, leadership and senior executive roles within the data centre industry. “The key to our success will continue to be our knowledge of our industry and the company relationships we have operating within the sector,” says Founder and Chairman Peter Hannaford.

 Executive Recruiter: Talent Spotlight – Martin Flack Questions and Answers  
We want to welcome Martin Flack who joins Datacenter People, based in the Devonshire Square office. Martin’s career started in sales before moving into Construction Recruitment. From there he progressed into IT Recruitment. For much of the past three years he worked for Darwin Recruitment, a large multinational IT Recruitment Company, where he was responsible for placement delivery in the German telecoms market. As such Martin has a great combination of experience to cover data center technical requirements as well as the cloud side as that develops for us.

Why Datacenter People and how have the first few weeks been?

I chose Datacenter People as my next step into a niche recruitment sector, to build upon my previous roles within Construction, Telecoms and Software Development recruitment. The data center industry presents the opportunity to utilize my skills and experience with the focus into a specialist market.

Datacenter People is going through an exciting phase with the opening of the new office in London and the vision both Steve and Adam have for the company is something that I wanted to be a part of.

The first few weeks have been exciting, getting to understand the culture and life at Datacenter People, having the opportunity to work with some very interesting global clients and understanding the Data Center Industry is something that is going to assist us me going forward with my daily search activities.

Question: Where have you seen the most significant shifts in the telecommunications sector (including data center and cloud) over the last two to three years?
Answer: As technology increases at lightning speed, data center performance requirements continue to rise as well. For example, as of 2016, Google data centers generated $1.3 billion in economic activity across the US, and have generated over 11,000 jobs.

Question: What skills and personality traits are required for senior level managers to succeed in this age of digital transformation?
Answer: I think with the transformation, one of the main traits is going to have to be flexibility. The use of the cloud and new technologies will continue to affect our general day to day routines.

Question: If you were to comment on an emerging trend in data center and cloud recruitment among candidates seeking new positions, what would it be?
Answer: We are fortunate enough to be in the period where we have a lot of emerging technologies. However, the one that stands out for me would be IoT (Internet Of Things) with $6 trillion dollars expected to be spent in the next five years on IoT.

Question: Datacenter People is a global organization with offices in Europe, Asia and the United States. Where are you seeing the most opportunity right now for data center and cloud professionals?
Answer: We are seeing a lot of demand in the Nordics as well the FLAP markets. The US as the biggest data center and cloud market is showing constant demand.

 Additional Industry News and Media  

Peter Hannaford attended Data Centre World in Singapore last month on October 9-10. He spoke about the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the job market. See media alert here.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has shown immense progress in technological advances in recent years. In fact, companies across the world are currently investing billions of dollars into this innovation, aggressively vying for control. With AI, there is great power and endless possibilities. Peter Hannaford addressed the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the data centers in Singapore, and potential impact on the job market.

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