A New Revenue Stream for Real Estate Brokers

As a trusted advisor, you’re there to help clients determine the best real estate investment given their requirements, but why stop there? You can further expand your value proposition by asking them a few simple questions about their data center needs:

“Do you have a data center in your office building?”

“Do you need to migrate servers or decommission a data center?”

“Do you need to build a new data center in the new office space?”

Compu Dynamics professionals have executed complex migrations, decommissioning projects and data center build-outs of all sizes. We can help you create value for your clients as they address the complexity of managing and operating their on-premise data center.

So go ahead. Take a few moments to speak with us about flushing-out opportunities, how you can create a new revenue stream, or ask your clients about their migration strategies and let us help you exceed your clients’ expectations. We are here to invest in your success.


Brian Ducharme
Director, Infrastructure Services at Compu Dynamics LLC

About Compu Dynamics
Compu Dynamics is the leading provider of facility maintenance and data center design, deployment, optimization, and ongoing operational support. Compu Dynamics delivers solutions to help businesses achieve their optimal goals by leveraging specialized technicians and technologies to minimize risk of data center and facility outages. Headquartered in Northern Virginia, with operations in both Virginia and Maryland, Compu Dynamics is positioned to drive value for government agencies, enterprises, and third-party colocation providers of any size. Visit us at compu-dynamics.com