Make no mistake, we are living in an interesting time. As businesses across the country start to reopen, and we wait to see how these decisions affect the spread of COVID-19, Bluebird Network and the Bluebird Underground Data Center are proud of our accomplishments and the level of service we have delivered throughout these ups and downs. Through planning and proactive design, we have continued to serve businesses and communities across the Midwest by providing them with high-quality fiber internet, transport and data center services.

As the demands for cell phone services and bandwidth increase up to 47%, Bluebird Network has responded to this demand by expanding our service offerings, broadened our network and doubled down on customer service. The speed, reliability, and security of our network has actually become stronger in the face of these demands. We are serving schools, hospitals, government buildings, carriers, internet service providers, and other industries relying on their internet and data services needed in a world shifting more virtual every day. We’ve reached beyond our normal capabilities in order to provide the best service to our customers, and we will continue to push ourselves in order to keep everyone connected. We know communication and innovation are not possible without the services Bluebird offers.

Please take some time to read through the changes we’re making to better serve our communities, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us on our website, social media, or with a phone call to a Bluebird representative. Please stay safe and stay healthy!


Michael C. Morey
President & CEO
What's New @ Bluebird
Bluebird has made a lot of changes over the last few months, and we’re so excited to share the news with you. Here are some of the exciting things we’re chirping about at a glance:

Recognized by BroadbandNow's 2020 Internet Service Provider Awards, winning six awards in the Mid-Sized category:
  • Top 10 Fastest Business Internet Nationwide
  • Top 10 Fastest Business Fiber Service Nationwide
  • Top 3 Fastest Business Internet in Missouri
  • Top 5 Business Fiber Expansion Nationwide
  • Top 3 Fastest Business Fiber Service in Missouri
  • Top Business Internet Speeds Nationwide
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  Completed a Three-Network Integration Project

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  Hired Bruce Garrison as our new Chief Revenue Officer

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Continued providing internet and transport services by taking the Keep Americans Connected Pledge

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  Expanded our network into Joplin, MO

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Bluebird News
Bluebird Network Completes Integration of the Three Networks, Positions Illinois for Continued Growth

Network Additions Mark Another Step Toward the Creation of a Super-Regional Fiber Network in the Midwest.

Bluebird Network Welcomes Bruce Garrison as Chief Revenue Officer

Former Senior Vice President of Zayo Group’s colocation segment, Bruce Garrison, joins the Bluebird team.

Bluebird Data Center Updates
We’ve been busy at the Bluebird Underground Data Center preparing for the completion of our most recent expansion project. A lot of exciting changes are on the way which will allow us to better serve our current and future customers (more on that in a minute). However, one of the biggest changes we’ve recently made is ironically small in stature – our new ProLocation product.

For customers who are looking to dip their toes into the colocation game, we wanted to provide a progressive product that would allow them a cost-effective solution for their data needs. ProLocation allows a customer to only pay for the space they need while having the flexibility to purchase more data center space as their colocation demands grow—with no long-term contract! At the base level, we provide the customer with 2 rack units within a common customer cabinet where they receive a dedicated 120V/20A power circuit and 1 Gbps of shared internet access. From there, a customer has several options to customize their colocation service by either adding more rack units as needed or taking advantage of our upgradable services, including power diversity, IP address space, on-site technical support, higher power capacity, dedicated internet access, etc.

ProLocation is just one of the many ways the Bluebird Underground Data Center is evolving at the benefit of our customers. At the completion of our new $11 million-dollar expansion, our colocation facility will have Full Tier III capabilities with increased mechanical, electrical and power generation abilities – allowing us to easily continue providing our customers with a 100% uptime guarantee.

The data center is now a 6MW facility, with backup power driven by three 2MW generators, an updated battery-driven UPS and three diverse utility feeds, allowing our facility to run autonomously. These impressive generators are powered by V16 Rolls Royce Engines, have 12,000-gallon diesel tanks and can go from a dead stop to power producing instantaneously.

The Bluebird Underground Data Center is also proud to state that we run off nearly 40% renewable energy. The natural advantage of being located 85’ underground coupled with our environmentally friendly closed-loop water cooling system keeps the machines cool. Even better, this system adds zero waste or stress to local water infrastructure. A traditional facility of this size would use 150 million gallons of water in a single year. In 2019 Bluebird Underground used just 60,000 gallons of water. Our facility is proud to serve our customers with the latest technical advances for their internet, transport, and data center needs, all while keeping an eye on the environment.

Behind the Network
What exactly categorizes internet service providers (ISPs) into tiers? Generally, it’s based on how ISPs obtain their internet coverage and content to distribute amongst their customers. A Tier 1 network is defined as an Internet Service Provider who connects with all other internet providers via free peering arrangements, and typically, global corporations come to mind when you discuss the who’s who of Tier 1 ISPs.

While Bluebird Network may not have global coverage, we implement the same classic behaviors and motivations of a Tier 1 Network within the Midwest Region. We’re creating a new frontier for internet networks by redefining ourselves as a Tier 1.5 internet provider - meaning we continue to utilize those Tier 1 tactics within our business practices while being given the opportunity to focus within the Midwest region. These business practices allow us the freedom to innovate and the ability to deliver unmatched customer care.

Customer Testimonial
Bluebird has the pleasure of working with customers spanning across several industries – here are some of the kind words they have to say.

Tech Electronics has been working with Bluebird Underground since they first purchased the facility in 2014. Anytime there is change in an organization the customers wonder what is in store. Often when acquisitions occur quality of service goes down and complications and problems rise up. With Bluebird the opposite occurred. From day one when they took over the operation the stability, responsiveness, and overall operational quality headed in an upward trajectory.

In my experience people make all the difference in how an organization is run. People like Greg Cantrell and Todd Murren exude a passion for excellence and customer service. They live for their customers and their actions bear that out daily. They are meticulous in their planning and implementation of systems and always keep their customer informed when a maintenance window is occurring that may or may not effect operations.

The facility itself is much more than a sight to behold. It is an experience. Just entering the facility and taking a tour is a very powerful experience.

Tech Electronics has big plans for the future. As Bluebird Underground expands and grows and keeps people like Greg and Todd running their operations we expect nothing but the best for Bluebird Underground. We plan to grow with them, expand our customer base, and provide the same quality service to our customers that Bluebird provides to us. We are proud to partner with Bluebird and work with them and watch as they continue to take a world-class operation to even higher levels.

Michael Scott, CCNA, CCDA, RHCE, MSCE
Director of Corporate Information Technology
Tech Electronics, Inc.
Enterprise Column

Bluebird Network’s Completed Fiber Expansion in Joplin, MO, Empowers Region with Fortified Broadband Capabilities

Bluebird’s trajectory of continued growth moves forward after completing a 21-mile fiber expansion into Joplin, MO.

Bluebird Network Completes Integration of the Three Networks, Positions Illinois for Continued Growth

Network Additions Mark Another Step Toward the Creation of a Super-Regional Fiber Network in the Midwest.

Industry Chatter
Michael C. Morey of Bluebird Network: How We Plan to Rebuild in The Post COVID Economy.

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How is the presence of the cloud changing the data center market?
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Why Bluebird?

• Flexible - We tailor our solutions to meet your needs and plans for future growth.
• Customer Focused – We want to understand your business challenges and help solve them.
• We Deliver On Time – The world’s largest communications companies trust Bluebird because we do what we say we will do.
• World-Class Infrastructure - Our network infrastructure is rapidly expanding and adheres to industry standards that ensure our superior level of service.
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