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Schools Turn to Fiber to Secure and Customize Digital Education Technologies
Now more than ever, students are in need of high-capacity broadband and digital educational opportunities to learn how to succeed as adults in an increasingly connected and technology-driven world.

School districts that have e-Rate assistance approval should choose a fiber provider that has experience delivering reliable high-bandwidth solutions that will scale as the district grows. Bluebird Network is ready to make sure you have a trusted partner in this process that will provide the ideal products and services to help you succeed.

To learn more about how fiber supports equal opportunity education or explore how to implement new broadband deployments, please read the company’s recent article below.

This article examines:

  • How schools can work with broadband providers and municipalities to receive high-speed broadband at a reduced rate
  • The benefits of widespread fiber coverage
  • How broadband helps standardize education and provides opportunities for all students

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