With new features and an easily navigable design, the company is enhancing the Bluebird experience and giving businesses the tools they need to make informed communications infrastructure decisions.
A New Way to View Our Fiber

One of the prominent new features of our website is the searchable network map. Now, users can view an interactive map that highlights our fiber routes throughout the Midwest. Using the search bar above the map, users can easily search their business address to see if their building is on or near Bluebird’s extensive fiber network. This ensures businesses can access critical information and make informed decisions at a faster pace.

Bluebird offers a diverse suite of internet, ethernet and transport services to ensure business data is transmitted between sites as securely, quickly and reliably as possible.
Bluebird Underground Data Center provides a variety of custom solutions, from small racks to private rooms, to suit customers’ colocation needs.

As owner of a robust fiber infrastructure and data center, Bluebird is able to offer an array of tailor-made solutions that ensure businesses thrive in the digital world.
A New Focus on Industry Education

With an exciting new platform, Bluebird is expanding its focus on educating its customers about its full array of services, as well as about the wider communications infrastructure industry. The company plans to continually update the new site with insightful information, including articles and blogs written by Bluebird executives with a focus on tracking industry trends and developments.
Why Bluebird?

• Flexible - We tailor our solutions to meet your needs and plans for future growth.
• Customer Focused – We want to understand your business challenges and help solve them.
• We Deliver On Time – The world’s largest communications companies trust Bluebird because we do what we say we will do.
• World-Class Infrastructure - Our network infrastructure is rapidly expanding and adheres to industry standards that ensure our superior level of service.
Contact Us

2005 W. Broadway
Bldg. A, Suite 215
Columbia, MO 65203
Phone: 1-573-777-4200
Toll Free: 1-855-BLUEBIRD

Our Services

High Capacity Transport
Data Center
Bluebird Underground Data Center

Focus on your consumer objectives while we handle your technical maintenance at the Bluebird Underground Data Center. Our facility is a Tier III data center, offering the best in security, redundancy, reliability and customer care.

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