Q3 2018

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Welcome to the current installation of the Bluebird Network quarterly newsletter. In each newsletter we bring you the latest updates about Bluebird activities, industry news and upcoming events. We encourage you to check out the information provided within this newsletter, click on the article links, visit our website (simply “click” on the menu tabs above) and share our newsletters with others who may benefit from our information. We thank all our members and customers for their continued support and wish you the best of luck in the coming quarter!

Michael Morey,
President and CEO

An Overview of Bluebird Network

Bluebird Network is a Midwest telecommunications company that provides an efficient and fast fiber-optic network to rural and urban customers throughout the Midwest. Bluebird Network focuses on combining cutting-edge technology and the brightest individuals to deliver high-speed broadband and Internet services, and secure data storage solutions to Enterprise, Carrier and Data Center customers throughout Missouri, Illinois and the surrounding states. Our data center, the Bluebird Underground Data Center located in Springfield, Missouri, is an underground colocation facility that offers hardware and equipment protection from natural and unnatural disasters. For our customers, our services translate to quality, continuity, and performance. At Bluebird Network, we understand that success is all about good connections.

Unearthing the Benefits of Underground Data Centers By Todd Murren, General Manger, Bluebird Underground Data Center

As a growing number of enterprises begin to embrace IoT, Big Data analytics, AI and machine learning, IT needs as a whole have drastically evolved in recent years. As a result, these trends and technologies have completely shifted our relationship with the way that information is stored, accessed and utilized, requiring massive amounts of space and high-quality interconnectivity. As the frequency and intensity of cyberattacks grow each year, and climate shifts lay the groundwork for devastating natural disasters, effective colocation is no longer simply a game of server capacity and low-latency connectivity, rather it requires an added layer of security and resiliency. For enterprises seeking a holistic solution for their data storage and compute needs, perhaps it’s time to think outside of the box – or underneath it.

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A critical ingredient to innovation is one’s ability to recognize existing patterns and to “renew or change”, which originates from the original Latin word - innovatus. Bluebird Underground’s innovatus comes from the design and construction of an above ground data center designed to withstand a direct hit from an F-4 tornado. While the project was professionally engineered, and the specifications called for data center grade equipment, the end product lacked innovation. This previous experience and the availability of raw mine space located in Springfield Missouri were the cornerstones for the creation of Bluebird Underground.

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Connecting to Better Health: How High Capacity Broadband and Secure Underground Data Centers Support Telemedicine
by: Sue Schaefer, Bluebird Networks

According to a report from Grand View Research, the U.S. telehealth market is expected to more than quadruple from $572 million four years ago to $2.8 billion by 2022. Telehealth and telemedicine are becoming increasingly vital to our healthcare delivery system because these technologies enable healthcare providers to connect patients with consulting practitioners across vast distances.

In rural areas, for example, which suffer from a shortage of physicians and specialists, doctors can rely on telemedicine technologies supported by the internet to make medical care more accessible and efficient for their patients. Approximately 20 percent of Americans live in rural areas and many do not have easy access to primary care or specialist services. By using telemedicine systems, patients can connect with doctors and other health resources, resulting in faster treatment and less cost.

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Industry Spotlight: Bluebird Network CEO Michael Morey
Like many infrastructure operators that were originally founded by coalitions of rural telephone operators, Bluebird Network spent its first decade largely under the radar of the broader markets. But in recent years, the company has become much more visible as it expands its reach. A few years ago, Bluebird even bought an underground data center in Springfield, MO and entered the colocation space. With us today to talk about Bluebird’s infrastructure and its unique data center asset is President and CEO Michael Morey. An industry veteran with roots in fiber stretching back to AT&T in the early 80s, he joined Bluebird in 2012 and has presided over a period of rapid growth at the company.

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Digging Deep for Data Center Optimization
Going underground is not the complete solution, but when done properly, it enables a world of possibilities to enhance operational efficiencies.

Given the current proliferation of Big Data analytics and the advent of IoT, the stakes are high for colocation customers seeking storage and compute solutions for increasingly massive quantities of data. To remain competitive, these organizations look to obtain the services of a colocation provider whose facility is highly secure, reliable and scalable — all at a price point that won’t break the bank. A tall order, but with the proper data center optimization strategy, colocation providers can meet the needs of new and existing customers, delivering ample space and power as well as resiliency and security while minimizing costs.

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Dig deep for data center assurances
There’s a world going on underground

Given the growth in Big Data analytics, the advent of IoT, decentralization, and now AI for robotics, drones and autonomous vehicles, these developments have a significant impact on virtually every industry sector.

Equally significant are the places where these important compute and storage operations live. While there are many dimensions to operational risk, any assessment should begin with a location that provides assurances for the security and confidentiality of this sensitive and at times proprietary business function.

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Bluebird Network Expands Coverage of Missouri Schools with High-Speed Connectivity
Five new school districts select Bluebird Network for quality, speed, and reliability of rural Internet service

Bluebird Network, a Midwest regional telecommunications company, continues to expand coverage to Missouri schools by adding five new school districts as customers. Students at all schools in the districts will gain access to fast, reliable internet access from Bluebird to benefit from the growing wealth of online educational resources.

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Telemedicine: Translating Treatment Through Telecommunications

The rise of the internet and the increasing accessibility to high-speed data transfer and communications has had an incalculable impact on many aspects of everyday life. From altering the trajectory of entire industries to making a permanent home in the private lives of individuals, the importance of high-quality internet connectivity has become a necessity in the workplace and in the home. One industry in which this private and public overlap is critical is the advent of telemedicine.

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Telehealth Underground: Why Subterranean Data Centers Provide The Most Resilient Infrastructure For Telemedicine Data

According to the American Telemedicine Association, more than one-half of U.S. hospitals now have a telehealth program in place. Overall, 71 percent of healthcare providers are using telehealth or telemedicine technologies to provide medical services in ambulatory and inpatient settings. Telehealth produces a deluge of data, including vital sign and symptom collection from patients, leading some healthcare providers to worry that critical information may get lost in the coming data tsunami which might provide a basis for medical malpractice complaints. Yet the telehealth market is predicted to grow by 14.3 percent to hit $36.2 billion by 2020, up from $14.3 billion five years ago, and almost 75 percent of Americans report that they are willing to schedule a telemedicine appointment as an alternative to traditional medical services.

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