Welcome to another edition of the Bluebird Buzz – Bluebird Network’s quarterly company newsletter – where we bring you the latest news regarding all the exciting things happening at Bluebird. Our company continues to grow, as evidenced by the many project announcements we’ve made this year celebrating our expansions and densification of our fiber across the Midwest. We’ve also completed an $11 million dollar expansion within the Bluebird Underground Data Center, implemented a new website design, founded a new Internet Exchange Point within our data center and so much more. We hope you enjoy reading all the new and thrilling changes happening at Bluebird.

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Michael C. Morey
President & CEO
Bluebird News
Bluebird Network Gifts “New Home Kits” to Jefferson City, MO Residents as They Move into New Houses Following Destructive 2019 Tornado

After a Network Expansion in Jefferson City, Bluebird Network Doubles Down on Commitment to Local Community and Resident Support

Bluebird Network Announces a New Website and Renewed Commitment to Supporting Business Growth

New site design and new features raises Bluebird’s brand above industry standards

Bluebird Network Opens First Internet Exchange, Partnering with Kansas City Internet Exchange

The Bluebird Underground Data Center now hosts the Springfield Internet Exchange (SpringIX)

Bluebird Network Featured on Netrality’s Marketplace

Netrality Data Centers kindly added Bluebird Network to their marketplace webpage to inform their customers of our services

Bluebird Underground Data Center Highlighted on KY3’s ‘The Place’

Springfield, MO’s local station, KY3, features Bluebird Underground Data Center on a segment, highlighting local businesses

Bluebird Data Center Updates
Bluebird Network Completes Its Underground Data Center Expansion

We’re proud to bring these latest enhancements to our facility to better serve our current and future customers.

Inside The Underground

A very exciting development is taking place 85-feet below the Earth. Bluebird has just begun hosting the Springfield Internet Exchange (SpringIX), the first-ever internet exchange located in Springfield, Missouri. Peered with and operated by the Kansas City Internet Exchange (KCiX), members of SpringIX will be able to offload their local traffic and benefit from content and “eyeballs” hosted by KCiX. This development is huge for high-bandwidth customers in the region and is one more example of Bluebird working to underpin the technologies moving the digital world forward. To learn more visit BluebirdNetwork.com.

Behind the Network

To achieve the high-level of performance expected of 5G networks, more small cell sites utilizing the millimeter wave spectrum will be needed, relying heavily on fiber cabled connections for the backhaul and fronthaul portions of the network. Fiber is the ideal choice due to its scalability, security and ability to handle vast amounts of backhaul traffic being generated across these multiple small cell sites. It can handle 5G’s increased speeds, is immune to electromagnetic interference, and offers practically unlimited bandwidth potential. As 5G continues to grow, so will the need for densifying and expanding the fiber infrastructure to support it. Bluebird is proud to be trusted by the world’s largest cell service providers in the planning and implementation of their 5G networks.

Customer Testimonial
Bluebird has the pleasure of working with customers spanning across several industries – here are some of the kind words they have to say.

CSI is a Financial Technology Company servicing the technology needs of customers across the country. Inside the network and telecom side of CSI, we focus on being a “soup to nuts” service provider for our community banks. CSI is also a CLEC focused on providing interconnect/wholesale circuits. This allows us to secure and support an ‘end to end’ connectivity solution for our customers.

With Community Banks across the country, this means we need to partner with many local and rural telecommunications companies for the local fiber/ethernet access. Bluebird helps us solve that problem. Bluebird provided us with the ability to be a partner with these companies by building fiber in their communities and providing backhaul to mutual regional data centers. Partnering with Bluebird allows CSI to create a seamless network and secure connectivity solution in multiple local markets.

In the financial technology industry, CSI works with many providers. However, if we have a chance to work with Bluebird, we take it. With excellent customer service, fantastic support, and superior account management, Bluebird jumps to the top of the list of companies we want to work with.

Beyond their customer service, Bluebird’s willingness to truly ‘partner’ with us is strategic and unique. Bluebird is willing to work with us at a level of partnership where many of the large Telco companies fail. Some companies force us to make 12 calls to get anything done. When we have a unique opportunity or need involving Bluebird, we call Kevin. It’s that simple. They’ve been great to work with and they make our jobs easier.

Brian Glover
Director of Business Services and Telecommunications
Computer Services Inc.
Enterprise Column

Bluebird Network Remains on the Path of Growth, Extending its Fiber Network to Strafford, MO

Latest Network Expansion Underscores Dedication to Serving Rural Communities and Follows Numerous Build Outs Across Springfield, MO; Joplin, MO; and More

Carrier Column

Bluebird Network Fulfills Commitment to Expanding Fiber Infrastructure in Columbia, MO, Fortifying Mid-Missouri’s 5G Wireless Infrastructure

Bluebird Network to Complete one of the Largest Fiber Build Outs in City’s History

Industry Chatter

I Love Underground Data Centers – Episode 49 – Todd Murren

General Manager of Bluebird Underground Data Center, Todd Murren, sat down with the ‘I Love Data Centers’ podcast to discuss the unique characteristics and benefits of locating a data center underground.

INCOMPAS Show: Independent Data Center Operators Address Network Aggregation

Our President & CEO, Michael Morey, joins a panel with other data center operators of the Independent Data Center Alliance to discuss how their data centers are handling the digital surge.

Operating an Internet Fiber Network during a Pandemic: Bluebird Network’s Michael Morey

How has Bluebird Network adapted to the increased digital needs during the pandemic? Find out from our President & CEO, Michael Morey, on Restarting America.


Bluebird Network tunes up Springfield Underground space

TThe company expands its capacity with an $11 million expansion.

The Place: A Trip to Bluebird Underground

The Place’s Michael Gibson visits the Bluebird Underground Data Center
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