Q1 2019

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Welcome to the current installation of the Bluebird Network quarterly newsletter. In each newsletter we bring you the latest updates about Bluebird activities, industry news and upcoming events. We encourage you to check out the information provided within this newsletter, click on the article links, visit our website (simply “click” on the menu tabs above) and share our newsletters with others who may benefit from our information. We thank all our members and customers for their continued support and wish you the best of luck in the coming quarter!

Michael Morey,
President and CEO

An Overview of Bluebird Network

Bluebird Network is a Midwest telecommunications company that provides an efficient and fast fiber-optic network to rural and urban customers throughout the Midwest. Bluebird Network focuses on combining cutting-edge technology and the brightest individuals to deliver high-speed broadband and Internet services, and secure data storage solutions to Enterprise, Carrier and Data Center customers throughout Missouri, Illinois and the surrounding states. Our data center, the Bluebird Underground Data Center located in Springfield, Missouri, is an underground colocation facility that offers hardware and equipment protection from natural and unnatural disasters. For our customers, our services translate to quality, continuity, and performance. At Bluebird Network, we understand that success is all about good connections.

Bluebird Network Partners with Global Connectivity Provider Megaport

Partnership with Megaport Brings Private Access to Leading Cloud Providers for Bluebird Network and Bluebird Underground Data Center Customers

COLUMBIA, MISSOURI — May 7, 2019 — Bluebird Network (Bluebird), a leading Midwest telecommunications company, today announces it has partnered with Megaport Limited (ASX:MP1) (Megaport), a global leading Network as a Service (NaaS) provider, to enable private access to cloud providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, IBM Cloud, Nutanix, and Salesforce. The Bluebird partnership with Megaport gives customers of Bluebird Network and the Bluebird Underground Data Center, Bluebird Network’s colocation facility located in Springfield, Missouri, unprecedented connectivity to each of these top-tier cloud computing and “as-a-service” providers.

This partnership will help to strengthen customer product offerings and improve support to both data center and network customers. Customers can expect improved performance through secure end-to-end connections linking customer locations to cloud networks without traversing the public internet. Private, dedicated connections will allow customers to better control where and how their data gets to the cloud. Additionally, customers will be able to connect to the cloud service provider onramp and location that works best for their network architecture. This removes dependency on traditional internet providers, reduces hardware costs, aligns connectivity to cloud models, and opens deployment options and support for hybrid cloud solutions.

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The rapid growth of cloud computing and the ramping-up for 5G services is driving massive demand for high-capacity network and data center infrastructure. Both require the ability to deliver huge amounts of data reliably at extremely high-speeds to ensure uninterrupted transfer between the data centers and the end user. With the demand for data and the volume of data continuing to grow exponentially, compute and storage of the data center will rely on the networking infrastructure that meets latency, jitter and performance requirements now, and in the future.

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Building a Virtual Fiber-to-the-Farm Network

The growing importance of bringing high-speed connectivity to rural markets and beyond

Tier 1 markets have come to rely on high-speed connectivity built upon fiber to remain competitive. Those high-speed connections have become commonplace in major cities, critical industries, and financial markets, creating an opportunity for tier 1 businesses to leverage fiber to build high-speed pipelines to the internet. Yet, the benefits that fiber can bring reach beyond those tier 1 markets, and have the potential to transform underserved, rural communities and small towns plagued by limited connectivity and aging technologies, which are very evident in the agriculture community.

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Metro Connect 2019: Bluebird Network CFO Discusses Midwest Expansion

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Igniting the 100G to 400G Service Evolution

With the introduction of 4G and the smartphone, the popularity of the mobile internet has grown exponentially. The demand for bandwidth has been spurred by applications such as video streaming, video calls, real-time mapping, and cloud computing and storage. Data consumption has not only increased for everyday consumers, but on a grand corporate scale ̶ affecting the financial sector, government entities, healthcare and numerous other industries. This growth is also spurred by advancements such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other infant technologies.

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May 20-22, 2019

Oklahoma Banker’s Association 2019 Leadership Forum and Annual Convention
Oklahoma City, OK
June 9-11, 2019

ITA Annual
Osage Beach, MO
June 10-13, 2019

INDATEL 2019 Business Symposium
St. Paul, MN
June 23-26, 2019

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