Q2 2018

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Welcome to the current installation of the Bluebird Network quarterly newsletter. In each newsletter we bring you the latest updates about Bluebird activities, industry news and upcoming events. We encourage you to check out the information provided within this newsletter, click on the article links, visit our website (simply “click” on the menu tabs above) and share our newsletters with others who may benefit from our information. We thank all our members and customers for their continued support and wish you the best of luck in the coming quarter!

Michael Morey,
President and CEO

An Overview of Bluebird Network

Bluebird Network is a Midwest telecommunications company that provides an efficient and fast fiber-optic network to rural and urban customers throughout the Midwest. Bluebird Network focuses on combining cutting-edge technology and the brightest individuals to deliver high-speed broadband and Internet services, and secure data storage solutions to Enterprise, Carrier and Data Center customers throughout Missouri, Illinois and the surrounding states. Our data center, the Bluebird Underground Data Center located in Springfield, Missouri, is an underground colocation facility that offers hardware and equipment protection from natural and unnatural disasters. For our customers, our services translate to quality, continuity, and performance. At Bluebird Network, we understand that success is all about good connections.

Bluebird Network Announces Its First 100G Services
Network Upgrade Is in Response to Increased Customer Demand for High-Capacity Broadband

COLUMBIA, Mo., June 25, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bluebird Network, a Midwest telecommunications company, today announces it has built its first customer-facing 100G diverse circuits. The customer circuits, totaling 200G overall, will be installed along two existing fiber routes from a metropolitan center to a rural area of Missouri. Installation on the circuits has been completed.

“The deployment of customer-facing 100G services shows how the growing need for high-capacity broadband is increasing as more devices require high-speed connections,” states Michael Morey, President and CEO of Bluebird Network. “Bluebird Network had the foresight to upgrade our network to be 100G capable so that when the customer need arose, Bluebird could respond and deliver the service to the customer quickly.”

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Bluebird Network Announces Expansion of its Fiber-Optic Network
Adding 45 Fiber Route Miles, Network Expansion Will Connect to Industrial Areas within the St. Louis Metropolitan Region

COLUMBIA, Mo., May 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bluebird Network, a Midwest telecommunications company, today announces an expansion of its fiber-optic network. Bluebird Network will be adding 45 fiber route miles in the St. Louis metropolitan area and St. Charles County, specifically within Clayton, Wentzville, and Weldon Springs, Missouri. The new network build, which is scheduled to begin in May 2018, is projected to be completed before the end of Q4 2018.

Bluebird Network provides fiber to rural and urban areas, connecting major Midwest cities such as Kansas City, Chicago, Tulsa, Springfield, and St. Louis. The new network expansion will focus on connecting industrial areas within the St. Louis metropolitan area, providing reliable, high bandwidth, carrier-class Internet and data services delivered over a state-of-the-art fiber-optic network. Bluebird Network serves carrier and enterprise customers, connecting to wireless towers, government and public safety institutions, as well as healthcare centers and other facilities.

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What NORAD and the Bluebird Underground Data Center Have in Common

Colorado Springs is home to the NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, which protects the continent from aircraft, missiles, and space vehicles. The Cheyenne Mountain Complex, a fortress deep within the surrounding mountain, shelters NORAD’s Alternate Command Center. This mountain delivers the best in natural defense, and the inherent protection of the surrounding rock is heightened by the addition of advanced man-made security measures. While NORAD is an international defense organization, the strategy to keep this underground facility secure is not that different from the strategies used by some non-military facilities. Leveraging the naturally protective characteristics of the rock, the isolation and stable atmosphere inherent to an underground facility, and placement of all critical infrastructure within the underground space are strategies used by the Bluebird Underground Data Center.

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Future-Proofing Connectivity for Rural Banks

As technology continues to evolve within the financial sector, legacy network architecture is no longer able to support the growing needs of modern banks. For financial institutions within major cities, low-latency, high-bandwidth fiber connectivity is readily available, making it easy to scale fiber according to connectivity requirements. Unfortunately, however, banks positioned in rural areas do not experience the same luxury of close proximity to an array of advanced fiber networks, making it increasingly difficult to maintain pace with the industry and serve customers with cutting-edge services and capabilities.

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C Level Secrets
An interview with Michael Morey, Bluebird's CEO

An Inside Look at What Runs Our Network

Bluebird Network deploys a fiber optic-based DWDM ROADM network to deliver bandwidth and wave services to our customers. Our DWDM ROADM network transports our customer’s data at the speed of light to meet ever-increasing customer demands. As the need for bandwidth continues to grow exponentially each year, 100G customer service requests are soon to surpass 10G customer service requests; Bluebird’s fiber optic network is ready to support this growth. Strategic upgrades were completed on our network for 100G customer circuits and remain ahead of our customer needs. Bluebird continues to evolve its DWDM ROADM networks to support 200G & 400G data rates and looks toward the 1TB data rate in development. The Bluebird TEAM tackles the challenges of higher channel rates (100G, 200G, 400G) using advanced higher rate modulation, while still supporting currently embedded services and technology to make sure we are always ready to support our customer’s needs.

The Epicenter of Digital Transformation
Digital transformation is changing the world. It’s connecting us in new ways, providing new entertainment and gaming experiences, redefining the workplace environment, revolutionizing manufacturing, reinventing commerce, changing the customer experience, advancing healthcare, and allowing us to experience new, virtual realities.

Service providers find themselves at the center of this global, social and industrial revolution. They are on the front lines of technical innovation, helping their customers transform while also providing the backbone for transformation to virtually every vertical industry.

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How IoT Is Building the Smart Solutions of Tomorrow
The Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling smart solutions from smart healthcare to smart transportation and municipal environments, to smart buildings and urban safety. Let’s take look at some of the industries and applications that will become transformed as a result of the IoT.

Smart Healthcare
From neo-natal care, to vitals monitoring solutions for out-patients, to elderly care, smart healthcare has been at the forefront of designing, developing and deploying cutting-edge health and wellness solutions worldwide. Some of the salient features of a smart healthcare solution include:
  • Home health and real time patient monitoring
  • Connecting to diagnostic devices, and real-time monitoring in order to identify any anomalies in patient data
  • Clinical diagnosis using real-time data from home health and other information that is gathered from multiple data channels and equipment
  • Equipment remote monitoring and diagnostics
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Net Neutrality Regulations End
Today marks the end of the road for Title II regulations, aka net neutrality, as the Federal Communications Commission’s repeal of the rules takes effect. A congressional effort to revive the rules, under which internet service providers were required to provide equal access to all content without throttling, blocking or offering paid priority based on the service or content, passed the Senate but has not been taken up by the House, so the repeal proceeds — although there are still state attorneys general fighting the repeal in the courts as well as some states putting their own net neutrality rules in place. Even if the reinstatement of net neutrality were to pass the House, which is viewed as unlikely, it is even more unlikely that President Donald Trump would sign such legislation. The FCC’s repeal also prevented similar rules from being passed in the future.

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FirstNet Develops Coverage Verification Process, Receives First AT&T Payment
First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) officials are developing a process to verify AT&T’s nationwide public-safety broadband network (NPSBN) coverage. FirstNet also received its first sustainability payment from AT&T.

FirstNet staff is developing a requirements traceability matrix (RTM) to monitor AT&T’s radio access network (RAN) deployment and operations. An initial RAN operations review was held May 31 in Oakton, Virginia, said Rich Reed, network management and operations officer at FirstNet, during the FirstNet board meeting June 20.

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