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Is Your Network Protected from Natural Disasters?
Did you know that an average of 1,224 tornadoes touch down per year across the United States? More specifically, Oklahoma is one of the top ten states for tornadoes in the U.S. with an average of 62 tornadoes per year.

Today’s financial institutions require a secure space to store their customer’s information and quickly and securely retrieve files and company information, with a scalable and low-latency network to transfer that information to even the most remote branches and offices. These requirements are further compounded for rural banks and credit unions that are located in the Midwest and are subject to extreme weather conditions such as tornadoes, heavy storms and freezing temperatures.

The Bluebird Underground Data Center, located 85 feet underground in Springfield, Missouri provides the space, power and cooling to secure your hardware and equipment from Mother Nature’s worst. Bluebird Underground connects to Bluebird Network’s dedicated, state-of-the-art fiber network, combining to provide the speed, reliability and security financial institutions need to make day-to-day operations more productive, secure, and cost-effective.
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