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Sandra de Novellis

Vice President, Engagement Strategy & Business Development

Sandra de Novellis has spent her career in technology sales and marketing. She has held senior sales and marketing positions for International software, hardware and technology firms such as Sprint, Cognos Corporation and Ogilvy One, where she worked on the IBM account and most recently KDDI/Telehouse, a 40 billion, Global Fortune 300 headquartered in Tokyo. During the last 7 years, Sandra lead a team in New York for the global digital re -brand for Telehouse Global, as well as being involved in the re-brand of KDDI group company digital assets in the US. Responsible for developing all content produced in the US, Sandra also defined a domestic event and trade show strategy in the United States with the support and strategy of iMPR. After working with Ilissa Miller and her team most recently as a client she moved over from the corporate to agency side.

In addition to her experience in the technology and telecommunications field, Sandra was a former co-president of River Arts, a Westchester, New York based Arts organization, where she produced concerts for recording artists, musicians and dance troupes at Back in 2007 she parlayed her interest in the arts and creativity into running her own artist management firm, representing vocalists, musicians and artists for Evolve Marketing LLC. Sandra also loves travel and has traveled throughout the US, Caribbean, Europe, South and Central America, and Asia.